Repurposing wedding ceremony flowers

We all want to be more thoughtful about getting the most bang for our buck! A great way to accomplish this in your wedding is to plan to repurpose your wedding ceremony flowers.

A ground arch for your wedding ceremony

Ground arches have multiple smaller sections. They are perfect for splitting up and moving throughout your reception space. For this wedding at Black Butte Ranch, one section of the ceremony arch moved to the floor near the cake table. Another piece from the aisle moved to the top, accenting the cake itself.

Repurposing an illusion arch

These can often be moved entirely inside. They can frame the sweetheart table, accent a statement wall or frame a doorway. This wedding at Tetherow Resort used the white floral pillars from the altar area to frame the sweetheart table during the reception.

Do you have some gorgeous aisle flowers planned?

These can be tricky. Often if they are tall enough to make an impression on the ground, they are too tall for the table. And if they are low enough to be a centerpiece, they are too low to make an impact along the aisle. However, if you have large aisle pieces they can move to accent the ends of the guest tables. We see this here at Sunriver’s Great Hall.

Another Sunriver wedding used petite aisle pieces. These became centerpieces surrounded by a collection of stems in glass bud vases.

Floral pieces on a ceremony arch

These can be taken down after the ceremony and moved to another focal area. This River Run wedding used the arch piece on the sweetheart table.

One of our favorite repurposes: greenery and flowers lining the 15 foot tall arched entry of the old St. Francis church in downtown Bend. Then placed on the mantle and the sweetheart table at Tetherow resort.

There are a few keys to success with repurposing flowers. First, make sure your florist knows that you plan to repurpose. We can brainstorm ideas with you and create the pieces in a way that will allow this. Next, make sure that you have someone in charge of moving the pieces. If you have a planner (and we truly hope you do!), they will usually do this for you as long as they know ahead of time. If you don’t, just be sure that you have someone in charge of the task. Make sure that they have any tools (snips and a stepladder for example) needed for the job. Finally, remember that the moving will happen while your guests are at the cocktail hour. Be sure that your team will have access to both the ceremony and reception areas and enough time to get things moved.

Did you repurpose any of your ceremony flowers? Let us know how it worked for you!

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